Our Clients

Morobi GEECO Power (Pty) Ltd.,a South African-based company, was incorporated through a collaboration between Morobi Engineering Solutions (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa) and GEECO Enercon (India). Morobi GEECO’s main objective is to provide solutions for Air Preheaters (APH) and Electrostatic Precipitator Systems (ESP) in power plants in and around the Republic of South Africa. Its aim is to expand services to neighbouring countries, facilitating talent transfer and empowering the younger generation. Morobi GEECO actively contributes to the country’s empowerment by integrating into the economy, fostering job creation in South Africa, and promoting inclusivity and diversity.

GEECO Enercon Private Limited (https://www.geeco.in/), based in India, is a successful engineering organization with a distinguished history dating back to 1987. GEECO proudly holds ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 50001, and 3834-2 certifications, showcasing its expertise in Design, Engineering, Research & Development, Manufacturing, Supply, Erection, Service, and Testing supervision for Air Preheater (APH) and its Components, as well as Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) and its Components. GEECO has transformed into a comprehensive manufacturer, boasting cutting-edge facilities and premium services tailored to global markets.

GEECO has a strong experienced team who are capable of supplying new Air Preheater and Electrostatic precipitator for any make and any size. In addition, we can also assess the present conditions of Air preheaters, Electrostatic precipitators and suggest improvements to enhance the performance and increase the reliability of operation. Repetitive orders from satisfied customers are standing proof for the quality, timely delivery and reasonable cost being provided. As an Energy conservation company, the organization has provided its uniqueness and its standalone capability by means of innovative solutions in the field of APH & ESP.