Our Clients

GEECO,India a successful engineering organization has its history from the year 1985, manufacturing Rotary Air Preheater and its spares in the name of “GEETHA ENGINEERING COMPANY” . As the customers were growing, a private limited company was formed in the name of “GEECO ENERCON PRIVATE LIMITED” (http://www.geeco.in) in the year 1999, at TIRUCHIRAPPALLI, India. As a confirmation to our commitment to match and compete in global market, GEECO is accredited as an IMS company with ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and 50001 for “Engineering, Design, Development, Manufacturing, Supply, Erection, Commissioning and Service Supervision of Rotary Air Preheater, Rotary Air Preheater Components and Electrostatic Precipitator Components”. The accreditation also extends to "Performance Testing and Evaluation of Boiler Auxiliaries". Humbly beginning with the the manufacturing of Air Preheater Components, GEECO has now grown into a full fledged Air Preheater, Electrostatic Precipitator product and components manufacturer with various reputed makes and more than adequate facilities for the world market along with the experts for the right services and testing.

We are currently associated with an established “MOROBI ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS COMPANY” (http://www.morobi.co.za), which was founded in 2013 in South Africa to supply spares and maintenance of Air preheaters (APH) and Electrostatic Precipitators Systems (ESP) to power stations. The long term objective of this association will result in the commissioning of plants in South Africa. Very soon it is planned to setup a manufacturing plant in South Africa. This association will further expand to nearby countries. This relationship with Morobi also has an objective of skills transfer and development of young technicians from previously disadvantaged backgrounds that will eventually see ourselves as an independent sustainable business, ultimately participating in the mainstream of economy and creation of jobs, thus fulfilling the true vision of black empowerment.

GEECO has a strong experienced team who are capable of supplying new Air Preheater and Electrostatic precipitator for any make and any size. In addition, we can also assess the present conditions of Air preheaters, Electrostatic precipitators and suggest improvements to enhance the performance and increase the reliability of operation. Repetitive orders from satisfied customers are standing proof for the quality, timely delivery and reasonable cost being provided. As an Energy conservation company, the organization has provided its uniqueness and its standalone capability by means of innovative solutions in the field of APH & ESP.